"Exercising Controlled Motion"

                  during functional training and Sports-Specific Exercise Progressions

What IS the DBS?

The Dynamic Balance System - DBS™ is an unique immediate biofeedback exercise tool to help instructors (i.e. Golf professionals, Physical Therapists, biomechanists, sports-specific trainers, ...) convey direction, identify inaccurate movement and test repetitive motion capabilities. Following instruction their clients will also be able to utilize the technology to practice this "NEW" motion with direct kinesthetic and audio feedback. 

Instructors understand that learning the "feel" of balance is crucial to achieving expertise. With a forceplate-computer interface the DBS provides immediate feedback related to "feel".

Teaching and Training Balance with the DBS
By utilizing precise, immediate feedback instructors will help clients learn and repeat the desired movement patterns as they are instructed!

Students learn the "feel" of their motion ("kinesthetic awareness") and how to improve, through:


Balance Training is Crucial to Achieve a Consistent Golf Swing Make the DBS part of your progressive program!!!


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DBS Initial Balanced Posturing video
DBS - Graphical Explanation