"Exercising Controlled Motion"

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Client Comments on Learning:

"The biggest factor in controlling the golf ball is being able to produce repeatable actions. The DBS is the best system for providing the correct information in regard to C.O.G and balance. These are the two most important factors in being able to produce a repeatable golf swing!"

-Marcus Casey, PGA Professional

"I have been taking lessons and changing my whole swing. It has been a tough road. I seemed to be doing everything right on video but could not get to the sweet spot of the club. My posture looked great as well, but no sweet spot. Finally, I decided to check my balance on the Dynamic Balance System. Of course I felt that my balance was right on so I really didn't expect anything to come of this. Wow, was I wrong. I had been slightly on the heels of my feet, and when I made the necessary change forward it was amazing! I haven't missed the sweet spot again! I play with blades, so you can imagine what it was like hitting slightly off the toe of the club, ouch! Things are moving very fast now and my accuracy is incredible. I have a tournament with the Louisiana Scratch Tour this weekend and I'm feeling very confident. I owe it all to Rob Noel and YOU with the DBS. Thank you, and I'll let you know how I finish."

-Kevin Cavaretta, Golf-Specific Trainer FitExpress

"In just 2 weeks of 'Balance Training' my swing has improved significantly... My body feels relaxed and unrestricted while experiencing solid shots with increased yardage and accuracy. And I've only just begun!"

-S. Robitaille 18 HDCP

"I always knew that balance was important as it relates to an effective golf swing. The DBS training allowed me to 'feel' what being balanced really feels like!"

-L. Ellner, 10 HDCP

"Reinforces the 'feeling' of balance, especially upon finishing the swing."

-J Spungin, 9 HDCP

"The feedback provided by the DBS took all the guesswork out of trying to 'feel' where I was at through my swing. With balance training, I believe anyone can improve their swing and, consequently, their golf score."

-T. Vaughan, 16 HDCP

"The DBS has enabled me to see, for the first time, what is wrong with my swing and provide me with the means to improve it!"

-W. Beck, 12 HDCP

"The Dynamic Balance System can immediately provide excellent feedback into things you cannot see with video. I felt my swing was more on plane with better tempo!"

-R. Myers, 8 HDCP, Dir. of Fitness, PGA National

"Balance is critical to understanding what your body is trying to do during your golf swing... Being able to see and feel your balance point helps your learning curve decrease dramatically! The DBS is one of the finest learning tools for golf I have ever used."

-D. Cohn, 4 HDCP

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