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Balance Zone Training Board

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Balance Zone Training Board

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Click to watch our promo video.

Motion, in BALANCE, results from ‘learning the feel’ (kinesthetic awareness) of body movement over a stable base of support (with real-time feedback). Then challenge your reactions with exercise on progressively less stable pads!

Balance Zone Training Board

The Balance Zone™ Training Board teaches the feeling of balanced stance and motion




The DBS Balance Zone Training System is the most efficient method to teach "true" balance in the golf swing. From the beginner to the professional, that I work with this system is the most functional and effective device to teach balance and spinal stability; the result has been improved driving distance and accuracy.

-Vicky Wyder, MA, PT, Cert. MDT, Master Golf Fitness Instructor,
BACKtoGOLF Licensed Professional

Golf-Specific Controlled Motion Training


Great for Exercise Performance and Golf!

The DBS Balance Zone Training System gives the golfer immediate feedback of where their balance zone is throughout the swing. The various thickness of foam attachments make the board very versatile. You can use it for stability training exercises, as well as balance training golf drills and live ball striking. I have had great results with all levels of golfer.

-Jay Platt, PT, ATC, CSCS
BACKtoGOLF Performance Center

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Balance Zone Training System exercise video
Balance Zone Training Board - Instructions
Balance Zone Training Board - Exercise Examples
Balance Zone Training Board - Training Tips

If the Shaft is the “Engine” of the Club, the Pivot is the “Engine” of the Golf Swing. To pivot properly the golfer must not only transfer weight but do so in balance. The Dynamic Balance System and the Balance Zone Training Board are undoubtedly the most effective way to train a powerful efficient Pivot.
-Todd Jones, PGA Professional
Senior Master Instructor – PGA TOUR Golf Academy