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Dan at the Research Office
Dan at the
Physical Therapy Office

Dan Goldstein, MS, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC, TPI
Owner and Developer

The Dynamic Balance System-DBS was developed by Dan Goldstein, MS, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC, TPI. He is a Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer who became very frustrated trying to learn golf. After several golf schools, multiple lessons and lots of practice' his game was not improving.

Despite the fact that Dan teaches "balance training" in his Physical Therapy practice, he had no understanding of the "feel" of a balanced swing. With the assistance and advice from top instructors he co-patented a modification of medical balance testing equipment, designed by NeuroCom International.

The DBS, manufactured and distributed by Sports Therapy, Inc., was initially presented at the 2001 PGA Merchandise Show. The capabilities of this unique teaching and training tool continue to improve based on recommendations from golf professionals coaches and trainers from various sports, and Sports Performance specialists.

Dan is the owner of Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. (AOSPT) in West Palm Beach, FL., founded in 1984. He received post-graduate training in treatment of spinal dysfunction and is Board Certified by the American Physical Therapy Association in the specialties of Orthopaedic and Sports therapeutic care.

As a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer, Dan provides sports-specific treatment and performance progressions for various sports, especially golf. He has lectured on the fundamental importance of incorporating balance assessment and training in sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Additionally, Dan is a certified golf-fitness specialist continuing his training through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Through his affiliation with the PGA Learning Center and the PGA TOUR Academies, Dan has continued research regarding specific body motion movement parameters in golf which help assist in instruction, specificity of golf fitness training, and objectivity during club-fitting.

Robert at the range
Robert at the Range

Robert Goldstein, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Robert is a very avid golfer who's game has significantly improved with the DBS's feedback capabilities. Being a left above knee (AK) amputee, Rob has learned the "feel" (kinesthetic awareness) of an improved balanced swing motion resulting in greater consistency and less physical strain.

His golf handicap continues to decrease!!



Jeff on tour
Jeff on Tour

Jeffrey S. Banaszak, PT, CSCS
Tour Representative/Marketing & Sales

Jeff has been working with the Dynamic Balance System - DBS for over 5 years. As a Physical Therapist and conditioning coach, Jeff helps PGA Tour professionals stay at peak performance.

Jeff also ownes the product catalog company, Back9Fitness. Back9Fitness features a full product line dedicated to golf fitness and performance carrying such products as the DBS. Back9Fitness also features the industry's only independently owned Mobile Golf Performance trailer. The Mobile Golf Performance Center has featured the DBS at all events since 2000. Jeff's role and responsibilities with the company include professional data collection, product representation, marketing and sales.

Jeff is always available for questions related to indoor/outdoor netting, accessory products and performance programming utilizing the technology. Jeff can be reached either via phone at (941) 914-2739 or e-mail at jeff@back9fitness.com.